Brilliance Auto "Seeking Development With Mutual Benefit and Win-Win"

Chinese automaker Brilliance came to the Detroit Auto Show to showcase their M1 and M2 sedans, M3 sport coupe and the FRV hatchback. They failed. However, they succeeded at showcasing an impressive display of engrish.


While sitting in the extremely uncomfortable camp-style folding chairs, Brilliance Auto executives rambled on and on about how happy and proud they were to be in Detroit. At one point they even suggested that Brilliance would soon come to the U.S. though we think its as likely as former Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, making a comeback run for Governor. They never actually talked about their products, rather impressed upon us soulless journalists how awesome they are. Though we disagree. Check out their Pininfarina-Giugaro, BMW sponsored, Porsche engineering-inspired, European 4-star crash test designed Brilliance Auto M1, M2, M3 and FRV. They're truly exciting.....Zzzzz.

Four Models Showed In Detroit
Brilliance Auto Seeking Development With Mutual Benefit and Win-Win
2009 North America International Auto Show was held ceremoniously in Detroit, Michigan, United States in Jan. 11th to 25th. Brilliance Auto Group, Chinese national brand main force, showed four models totally, including Brilliance M1, Brilliance M2, Brilliance M3, and Brilliance FRV. Brilliance Auto Group Vice President He Guohua and General Manager of Brilliance Jinbei International Sales Company Shan Long, etc. attended this activity together.
On the exhibition site, Brilliance brand four models forestalled its opponent by a show of strength, either fashionable, or gracious, or dynamic, attracting attention of many guests once appearing.M1, M2, and M3 equipped with Brilliance 1.8T engine, with its excellent power and stable handling, won unanimous appraisal of many guests on the exhibition site. Moreover, FRV, representing brand-new direction of Chinese automobile consumption, with its special appeal of “Big hatch-back”, attracted all people.
The reporter learned that, at present, Brilliance auto has models of Brilliance M1, Brilliance M2, Brilliance M3, Brilliance FRV, Brilliance Wagon, Jinbei Haise minibus, Jinbei Granse MPV etc., with products covering each and all markets of passenger vehicles. The domestic market sales volume of Brilliance brand has broke 280 thousand units. Haise, with sales volume of more than 800 thousand units, occupies half of the light bus market. Market sales volume of light trucks is the number four of the whole nation. Complete vehicle export will break 40 thousand units this year. While basing itself upon domestic market, with a view to global world, Brilliance auto actively carries out cooperation of international technology and market. At present, Export projects of Brilliance car to EU,Russia,Egypt etc. also constantly achieves material breakthrough. “3+1” international market export pattern of Brilliance auto in Europe, North America, Russia and other markets has primarily come into being.
The practice of China’s 30 years reform and opening proves that through active opening to outside, rapid development of Chinese auto industry was brought along. Rising Chinese auto enterprises more need to strengthen communication and intercourse with international auto circle in technical research and development, etc. and realize mutual benefit and win-win. Someone in charge of Brilliance Auto expressed that, it’s necessary for Brilliance Auto to participate in the global construction to promote market consumption standard, only in this way the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win can be realized. We hope that through this exhibition, we can strengthen the communication and intercourse with international auto circle, meanwhile, precious experience can be accumulated for development of Brilliance Auto.
Since 2007, Brilliance Auto has participated in many international auto exhibitions like North America auto exhibition, Paris auto exhibition, Genovese auto exhibition, Frankfurt auto exhibition, and Russia auto exhibition, etc. successively. On these international stages, Brilliance Auto opened a window for the world to know China, fully showed strength of Chinese automobile manufacturing standard. Just in the successful appearance in international auto exhibitions, Brilliance Auto further showed its confidence to actively participate in the global construction.

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