Illustration for article titled Brilliance BS2 Coming To Beijing And Possibly Europe, America Not So Much

Chinese automaker Brilliance, a.k.a., Hauchen, is possibly going to be showing their Brilliance BS2 hatchback at the Beijing Motor Show, according to Autohome and Dutch AutoWeek forums. These apparently leaked photos show a not too unattractive hatchback that combines lines from the Suzuki Reno, Opel Astra and Seigfried Breuer. The company eventually plans to sell 150,000 vehicles in Europe over the next few years and this could be the way they do it.

Remember that Brilliance had a little trouble with the German crash test of the BS6, the sedan they hoped to bring to Europe. They're going to have to overcome those obstacles before presenting a full line of autos for the continent. [Dutch AutoWeek Forums via Motor Authority.


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