By now we all know that Ken Block has used his considerable driving and possibly even more considerable logistics and permit-gathering resources to make LA his bonkers-car playground, so the question now is, where next? Personally, I have an idea: the moon.

We actually asked this question a couple years back, and the #1 answer was almost the moon, but bets were hedged and Meteor Crater was suggested instead. And, sure, that's cool, but why mess around? I have a Lunar Hoonage Plan. Here's the key elements.

1. Stick Ken in cryo-sleep so time and life's decadent joys don't impair his amazing abilities. He can still wear his contractually-required Monster Energy hat in the cryo-tank. Figure 10 years in the cooler to give us time to get our shit together.


2. The car will be based on a modified Tesla platform: We'll take the AWD Tesla Model S P85D, which already makes 691 HP from its twin electric motors, and add two more, one driving each wheel, for a 1382 HP Tesla lunar hooning monster.

It'll be outfitted with wire tires like on the original lunar rover, and lots more batteries —since we have 1/6 gravity, we may as well, right? Ken will wear a space suit inside an aluminum roll cage.

3. The landing: no lander. We'll use a sky-crane like we used to get Curiosity on to Mars. The Lunar Hooner will be hovered about 50 feet or so above the surface and then dropped, making this the first manned, lander-less rover drop onto any celestial body in history.


4. Locations! Of course he'll do donuts around the Apollo 11 landing site. And the other five landing sites. We'll use multiple sky-cranes in lunar orbit to move him around, replenish O2, etc. And then he can hoon around the Soviet Lunokhods and other probes like Surveyor and the Indian ones, the Chinese rover, etc.

4. Getting there. In 10 years, we should have an Orion and launch system ready for lunar orbital injection. After that, it's just money to buy some space on one, and they've got 10 years to save up!


5. Getting him back. Um, I'm still working this part out. Ken's people can get back to me on this.

That's my idea. Let's hear yours!