As his jump-drift of San Francisco rounds five million views, Ken Block needs a new place to shoot his next Gymkhana video. Jalopnik readers picked out ten locations for him, and they must think he has a death wish.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

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Photo Credit: Ken Block


10.) Chicago

Suggested By: wkdooley


Why it's perfect: Hello Ken, let us explain to you why you need to come to Chicago, the archetypical urban environment, in just four words: draw bridges and tunnels.

Your Fiesta would sound unbelievably amazing in the tunnels, and it would look awesome on the dark, evil streets. If you need inspiration for the shoot, watch The Blues Brothers.

Photo Credit: josh jackson


9.) A Wipeout course

Suggested By: windupbird81


Why it's perfect: Ken, San Francisco was great because it was grounded in reality. Now you need to go way, way over the top.

Make your own course with giant obstacles! Confetti! Slides! Jumps! Explosions! Turn up the day-glo stunt element to eleven and build a course like in Wipeout.

Photo Credit: ABC


8.) Bolivia's road of death

Suggested By: becaus3porsche


Why it's perfect: Buses and cars regularly chance the extreme and yes, quite deadly drops on the North Yungas Road in the Bolivian Andes, so it's not insane to go there for a drive. It is insane, however, to drive the road sideways, but hey, you're a rally driver, Ken. You can handle it.

Photo Credit: Szymon Kochanski


7.) Chernobyl

Suggested By: GuacamoleFire


Why it's perfect: You want post-apocalyptic playgrounds with huge drama, tons of danger, and open, deserted industrial sites? You couldn't do better than Chernobyl. We hear that the radiation is gone. Mostly.

Photo Credit: CmdrCord


6.) Rio de Janeiro

Suggested By: Bullitt417


Why it's perfect: First of all, Ken, we want to see you drifting on a beach. We also want to see you tearing through a gnarly, close-quarters urban landscapes, through gorgeous sub-tropical scenes, and up past famous landmarks. All of these things can be found in Rio. Go there.

Photo Credit: Rodrigo Soldon


5.) McMurdo Station

Suggested By: rifraphy


Why it's perfect: It is extremely difficult to get things down to Antarctica. It wasn't until the ‘60s that a car actually survived the continent, with washboard-rutted plains of ice, frozen mountains, and a breakaway coastline of ice.

Throw some studs into your tire bill and head south to the US' McMurdo Station, the biggest in Antarctica and go drift past some penguins. They're really quite tame.


Photo Credit: Gaelen Marsden/Wikipedia

4.) Detroit

Suggested By: GasGuzzler


Why it's perfect: Ever since you went to Ford, you've needed to do a Gymkhana in Detroit. It's about as extreme as anywhere in terms of post-industrial desertion, and there are parts that look downright apocalyptic with torn-up roads and deserted factories. But you can throw in the Belle Island GP circuit, too. It's the perfect location for GYM6, and it'd actually be pretty feasible.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk


3.) On a plane

Suggested By: Earthbound And Down


Why it's perfect: Ken, if you read through all of the previous ideas and said, "nope, none are crazy enough," this one should suit your fancy. Earthbound And Down explains how you're going to drift out of a flying cargo plane.

-Fiesta does burnouts/donuts inside a Lockheed C130 (or whatever the largest military equivalent is nowadays).

—Tail opens up to show that he's [insert distance here] from the ground.

—Car drives straight out of the tail of the plane, into the open sky.

—Parachutes deploy on top of the car, orienting it correctly as it slowly makes its way to the ground.

—As it hits the ground, wheelspin takes over as the Fiesta eschews its chutes and tears off.

Bonus points if it lands on a helipad somewhere.

Insurance is going to be expensive for this shoot.

Photo Credit: Matt Hintsa


2.) The Mall of America

Suggested By: maxknox


Why it's perfect: It's going to be like that scene in The Blues Brothers where they tear up the mall, only bigger and faster and with more people to scrub away the skidmarks when you're done. Fiestas like malls anyway.

Photo Credit: cliff1066™


1.) Space/on the moon/actually on Meteor Crater, AZ

Suggested By: Frost, alsoSprachAISO


Why it's perfect: It's inevitable that Gymkhana is going to end up in outer space. GYMKHANA 73: THE MOON.

Even though it's not feasible to stick the Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle onto the top of a Saturn V and go do some EPIC MOON JUMPS, you can always just go to Meteor Crater in Arizona and film there. The three-quarter-mile wide hole in the desert would make a fine lunar stand-in, at least for now.

Photo Credit: Shane.torgerson/Wikipedia