In a perfect world all of us would have a garage stuffed with fantastic cars of every type, stripe and creed. But for the majority of us financial reality dictates the dreaded axiom, "one paycheck, one car." Though, there are several variations on that theme including, "one paycheck, two cars, one angry spouse" and, "one paycheck, one car, several piles of parts." Regardless, our desires are unburdened by bottom lines. Our preferences are free to soar. So what will it be? The tail-out muscularity of an engine up front? The ballerina like balance and poise of an engine mounted midship? Or the understeer/oversteer bouillabaisse you get from cars with their mills parked behind the rear wheels? As for us, we can't choose. We have too many found memories from each type of design (though if we were to be honest, we would have to admit to the Miata vs. Boxster battle taking place in our mind). But forget us โ€“ how about you?

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