We're loving the fact that you readers are taking over the Question of the Day, as we aren't all that creative. Alex K wrote in with this:

Hi guys, long time since I've sent in a tip, but I had a brainstorm in a moment of sheer boredom at work: What is the cheapest route to 500 BHP? You know, excluding nitrous, what car and what mods yield the cheapest 500 bhp ride?

Might be a fun QOTD – i mean, I'm sure a lot of the answers will be Camaro/Mustang variations, but really is that the cheapest way? I dunno, [but] I think the question needs to be asked.

We agree, there will be a lot of Camaro/Mustang answers. Which means we'll all have to endure round 945 of, "No, you need the live axle to handle all that power. An IRS can't handle all that power." Even though I run out of fingers and toes while counting 500+ hp cars with independent rears. But that's OK. And, ironically, our answer involves a Mustang with a live rear end. The GT500 has to be the cheapest if not smartest way to 500 horsies. What say you?

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