Back in the 40s, a woman could strip down to her undies in an attempt to catch a lift from a passing motorist, with nothing to fear but the baton of a disapproving police officer.

Now, you fast-forward the calendar about 20 years and you’d have the Manson family dicing this pair up with machetes and escaping into the Mojave, but the 1940s were more wholesome. Why, there’s no way that the “Greatest Generation” would have perved out on profoundly disturbing pedal-pumping videos, not when they could live on the edge with short films like this one. This hardly deserves an NSFW label, but the filmmakers’ intention was clearly somewhat naughty… so we’re going to err on the prudish side here. I’m guessing that the car is a 1940 Oldsmobile, but I may be wrong; experts at deciphering vehicle identity from blurry movie film, please correct me if needed. Thanks to Jeannette C (creator of the Road Rage Roundup graphic) for the tip!