Those goddamn dog walkers! There's only one course of action open to a road-ragey Vauxhall Astra driver when a mangy mutt crosses the street in front of his car: slash the dog owner's throat with a 12" kitchen knife! [Sky News]

Some scrote cuts you off in traffic and the Road Rage Rules of Engagement call for you to flip out, cut him off, and make him pay! Only this particular scrote had other ideas, opening fire from the stopped car and striking would-be traffic vigilante in the hand. [KETV Omaha]

So here's this dude in Denver who punishes slow freeway drivers by tailgating them, then pulling in front and dynamiting the brakes. Sure he was justified- after all, he's special and thus entitled to special privileges- but that doesn't mean it was a good idea, legally speaking, to state "he got what was coming to him" after one of his objects of his driving-courtesy lesson crashed and died. Two consecutive life terms (cue sound of cell door slamming shut forever). [Denver Post]

Whew! Reading about all this road rage makes me pissed off! Look out, fellow drivers!

Road Rage Roundup: Threatened Cops, Faceless Assailant [internal]