Yank Me Crank Me: Pedal-Pumping Babes' Cars Don't Start

Checking the recently-added car videos on YouTube, I found this short film of a British woman wearing really tight clothing attempting (and failing) to start what appears to be a Citro

n AX (don't worry, it's safe for work). The loving closeups of her feet made it clear: my brain was being damaged by the onanic fuel of perved-out foot fetishists! Naturally, my patriotic instincts kicked in and I sought out (and found) many more such videos; after all, what does Osama bin Laden hate most about us? Why, our freedom to indulge every imaginable perversion, of course! Seems most of the "car cranking" stuff comes out of Europe (see this site), which makes sense. After all, they have more cars that won't start than anybody. But, dammit, when are we gonna get vids of scantily-clad chicks cranking Pro Mod cars that do start?



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