Sex With Wheels: British Mechanic Shags Cars

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Our tagline, "Jalopnik loves cars. Secret cars, concept cars, flying cars, vintage cars, tricked-out cars, red cars, black cars, blonde cars — sometimes, cars just because of the curve of a hood," obviously has some measure of sexual connotation to it. In fact, we once attempted to get a photo of one of Los Jalops simulating an auto union of flesh, aluminum und shteel with the car for our wives at the Audi R8 press intro. Sadly, too much pink sparkling wine was involved and the image was unusable. But UK mechanic Chris Donald loves him some man-on-car action.


Literally. And in classic UK tabloid-press style, The Sun has the story; frankly, having lived in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles and Austin, TX, this just doesn't seem that odd to us. Nor does it seem particularly hot. But dude has boffed a Bentley Arnage, which is something that we'd drop a couple bucks to see, just for curiosity's sake. You know, sorta like a donkey show. Except with a dude. And a Bentley.

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Well, it's entirely appropriate that he is fucking a Range Rover. Every single example of that vehicle has spent so many hours fucking each and every owner it's had that it needs to have some cock up the tailpipe at least once, you know, for a frame of reference.