What's Your Favorite Color... For A Car?

Yes, we're well aware that it's an insipid almost vapid question. However, it is a national holiday and some of us have been up for days. That said, we were out the other evening with a friend who could not get over how blue our car is. We tried explaining how cool World Rally Blue actually is on a Subaru, but she just called us a dork. And seeing how she is a member of the Weird Al fan club, her jab stung. Still, color does make the car. Sometimes. Black BMW 3-Series look as much like used lumps of soap as silver ones. But would you have a Ferrari in any other color than red? Sure, if you are Steve McQueen you can pull off brown. But a yellow prancing horse instantly paints you as having more money than taste. And even people with more money than taste don't want that. Conversely, and oddly, nothing says, "My car can beat up your car" quite like a bright yellow Z06. And if Jeep actually releases the JT in "hearing aid beige" we're buying one. What say you?


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