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Which Upcoming Car Are You Most Excited About?

Illustration for article titled Which Upcoming Car Are You Most Excited About?

Used to be that automakers would introduce a new model each and every year. Think Chevrolet Bel Air 1953-1959. These days, they don't do that. But thanks to the relentlessness of blogs, busted embargoes and the obsessiveness of enthusiasts, we are treated to a constant trickle (if not stream) of spy shots and sexy rumors. So which potential product has you in the tightest tizzy? Chevy's Blue Devil? Jag's XF? That RWD coupe with the V8 from Hyundai? Audi's twin-turbo V10 RS6? Perhaps the Tesla? Ooh, what about the new ass-engined VW? What's hopefully going to float our boat? We're torn between the possibly reborn and M-powered BMW Z8/Z9. And well, frankly, the new Subaru STI. As it may come in wagon form only. Which we view as a form of payback. You?


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Spy Photos: New BMW Z9 Spotted Incognito; The Jalopnik Question of the Day [Internal]


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LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

VOLGA, can't wait for the new one, with classic styling, optioned up with extras like windscreen wipers, tyres AND a heater!!!

Perhaps for real it'll be Holden VE Ute(El Camino) but it'll be the HSV Maloo version with hopefully LS3 power (not yet confirmed) Holden is testing camouflaged hacks right now. More angular styling than current model harks of H2 Hummer. Particularly where the the B pillar and roof meet the back windscreen. I'd say this is for more American taste, so don't fret El Camino lovers, it may come your way. Due for release in the land of Oz in October.