When a company does all that work to build a brand you'd think they'd be careful about letting it go to crap for a couple of extra bucks. But companies love extra bucks and, when nothing else is going for them, they can always leverage awareness. Take the VW Caddy Carrera, a special edition VW van from Porsche? Really? Though we admit it looks sort of hot. A classic example is the Cadillac Cimarron which answered the question "Could people still respect a luxury car company if they made a version of the Olds Firenza?" That one took a while to recover from.


We're also partial to the Mustang II. A Pinto-based Mustang? Great idea. And don't forget about all the non-car products that Travis follows in the Auto Branding Adventures. There are countless examples but our question is, what's the worst?

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