What's The Worst Car You've Wanted To Own?

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Listen, I’m not going to lie to you. If I ever come across a reasonably priced Nissan Pulsar Sportbak — under $2,000 at most — that hasn’t been beaten to hell and back, I’m just going to buy it.


Is the Pulsar Sportbak a good car? No, probably not. It’s an ‘80s economy car. It’s a Sentra underneath. Even with a manual gearbox, I’m sure it’s a dog to drive, and that a Honda CRX from the same era will most likely run circles around it. It’s hardly the most sporting Nissan from that time.

But damn if the Sportbak wasn’t a fascinating concept, and just a cool looking machine. It’s modular! It’s a T-Top! The rear hatch can be removed! Why can’t every car do that?

Because there’s no justice in this world and life is ultimately meaningless, that’s why.

But anyway! We all lust after bad or not-so-great cars sometimes. What’s the worst car you’ve ever wanted to own?

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