What's The Worst Advice You've Ever Gotten From Jalopnik?

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Jalopnik is a bastion of all things counterculture in the automotive world, where burnouts be praised and beaters be lionized. Have you ever been burned flying too close to the Jalopnik flame?


Reader valllma750 brought the idea up with a hypothetical after seeing Jason's Cop Car Headlight Spotter's Guide.

Cop: "Distracted driving is a crime, son. Did I see you reading a map while I was following you?"

Me: "No, I was swerving because I had to use 2 hands to hold this chart I was using to identify your headlights with. How do you like the new Charger? What is that, a 2012? It's nice, but the headlights are a bit different from what I have on this chart, do you mind if I do a quick sketch of them so I can update?"

Cop: *Taser taser taser

I for one, am happy that I took my own advice (twice!) and bought a Baja Bug, but I also feel like an idiot about the time I tried to emulate some old Hoons of the Day with my parent's Volvo wagon and ended up with an interior full of fine California dust.

What's the worst advice you've ever take from Los Jalops?

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove/Jalopnik


Buy a Miata.