What's The Most Worthless Auto Form Factor?

In search of new market niches to fill, automakers have created numerous categories of four-wheeled objects. Some, like wagons, are useful and desirable. Others are not. Others are just plain weird. What's the most worthless auto form factor?


As a form factor there's almost no value in "ultimate" pickups, like the International CXT, which take a Class 4 commercial truck chassis and graft a tiny, wimpy and emasculated bed onto the back. There once was a tiny market for it. Now, they just don't sell well. They're impossible to park. They almost weigh twice as much as a small truck and, while they offer more towing ability, it's only useful if you plan on hauling something like the space shuttle.

Of course, the GMC TopKick is also Ironhide, which reminds us of the usefulness of the vehicle if we're ever engaged in intergalactic robot wars or a zombie apocalypse. They also look awesome. If you want to prove you're a man you can hardly do better than something as ridiculous looking as a CXT. You'll also prove you're an idiot. So, it's the Most Worthless Auto Form Factor* for now.

*Excluding robot war or zombies.

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