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Are Station Wagons Cool?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What would Maximum Wagon Day be without a station wagon QOTD? We get into this debate all the time. Are station wagons cool? The Boomers associated the wagon with the bloated hulking masses their parents drove and thus moved away from them and into SUVs, which offer the same utility with a different look. But everything old is new. To younger generations, the SUV is the bloated hulking mass and the sportier European wagons are now the alternative for those that want convenience but wish to depart from the norm. We've even contrived to refer to wagons as crossovers, like the out-to-pasture Taurus X. Pity us.


In addition to being an issue of generation and geography, it's a matter of taste: Misha Barton or Beyonce. Personally, we'll take Beyonce. Do you like junk in the trunk? Are wagons cool? We're not just looking for a simple yes or no. We want proof. We want evidence.

Our Proof? RS2 Avant.