Take a look at that Bentley Continental GT3-R. Despite losing 100 kilos from the standard Conti GT, the GT3-R still weighs slightly less than a house.


Even so, it will blow the doors off most everything else on the road and flatters the driver while doing it.

You wouldn't expect a four-wheel-drive, wood-and-leather Bentley to be a ripping performance car, but there it is.

You see, there are many approaches to get speed and roadholding out of a car, and they don't always fit the lithe, sports car mold. The world has its fair share of superpowered no-name economy cars and stripped-out luxobarges.

Whether it be an unconventional design, a surprise tune, or an unexpected brand, what do you think is the world's most unlikely performance car?


Photo Credit: Bentley

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