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Sometimes when I go car hunting for someone, I’ll forget to put a budget cap on the search and I’ll see all the really expensive cars in a certain area. It’s fun looking at listings for cars that likely cost more than your house, so what’s the most expensive ride near you?

For the sake of this game we will use a radius of 50 miles from your zip code. Any and all listing sites are fair: Autotrader,, eBay, DuPont Registry, Craigslist—whatever you like.


I’m in the southern part of New Jersey and and this doozy popped up.

A 1995 Ferrari F50 at a whopping $3.6 million. Now, because I’m an honest guy, that doesn’t really count because it is 56 miles from my home base. If I truly stay within my boundaries, I get a rather unimpressive 2017 Mercedes-Benz S65 coupe for only $244,525.


I’m sure you folks can do better than that.

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