Can You Find The Weirdest Car On Your Local Craigslist?

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

There’s no need to visit some fancy car auction website or go to some high-falootin’ “dealership” where a man in a suit is going to judge you for all your unpaid credit card bills. Craigslist, that’s where it’s at!

Our dear friend Graverobber of Nice Price or Crack Pipe is on vacation this week—I’m not sure where or doing what, he said something about six buttons of peyote, a walking tour of the New Mexico desert and an NSU Ro80 before his phone cut out—so we’ll have to find some used car sale weirdness without him.


Can you find the weirdest car on Craigslist in your town? For me, this is a good contender down in Lockhart, about half an hour from Austin and the barbecue capital of the universe. It’s a 1985 Nissan Gloria Brougham Turbo VIP, and I bet you can’t find a car with a fancier name or ‘80s interior anywhere.

From the description:

1985 Nissan Gloria Brougham Turbo Japanese Luxury Car. This car has incredible features like rear reclining passenger seats, separate rear A/C and Radio. Folding Mirrors, Power Seats, Illuminated Hood Ornament and much more... 4 door Hardtop, Side windows are pillarless.

Car Has only 171K Kilometers which is 106,000 original miles.

I’d buy into it for those majestic, free-flowing windows alone.


What’s the strangest find near you?

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