What's The Best Fan-Boy-Built Fictional Vehicle?

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The reality that they'll never get to pilot the fictional crafts from their favorite movie or TV shows isn't enough to stop some fan-boys/girls from trying to recreate the fantasy. What's the best fan-boy-(or girl)-built fictional vehicle?

I've written up a ton of these vehicles in the last few years here at Jalopnik, but I've always been partial to the Battlestar Galacti-car, which is a street legal version of the original Colonial Viper from the first BSG series. Created by a mechanic at an amusement park, there's something honest about the design. It looks, unmistakably, like a Viper, but it doesn't look like a movie prop. If you didn't know what BSG was, you'd still know it's a spaceship. That it's powered by a Chevy Small Block V8 has nothing to do with my love for it. Not at all. Where would you get such a crazy idea?


All of you geeky boys and girls trying to hide your love of the realized fictional car now is your time to shine.


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