What's The Best Building To Drive A Car In?

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Remember the Magic Talking Horse from last week? Well, he's back, and he's got something new up his hoof. Using his horse-magic (and lobbying money) he's made it legal to drive inside any building you want, for one day. So what building do you pick, and what car?

This deal includes business-class travel to the building of your choice (for you and a friend), and transportation arrangements for your car. So don't let your own particular geography hold you back.


Me, I think New York's Guggenheim Museum would make a fantastic drive. It's a big spiral almost like a parking garage as it is, so you'd have plenty of opportunity to really open up and have fun without too many walls and 90° turns getting in the way.

For the car, I think you'd want a convertible, since you're in an art museum and would likely want to enjoy some of that as you speed by, and I think keeping things small and nimble is key for any indoor driving experience. These criteria in mind, I think the Kei-class mid-engined Honda Beat sounds perfect.


So how about you? What building, and what car?