Okay, here's the deal: a magic talking horse appears in your bedroom and wakes you up in the middle of the night with his big, wet horse nose on your face. He tells you he will grant you one wish, provided that wish is to turn a car into a human that you then date. What car do you pick?

This has to be a gut response: no overthinking it. That horse is there, right over your face, waiting for your answer, and you're barely up, hoping you didn't pee the bed out of shock.

I think my gut response would be a Karmann-Ghia. I always found them pretty, and inside they're tough, simple, and air-cooled, which is a deal-breaker for any person I date.

A Karmann-Ghia can be taken out and look great for a concert and dinner, and then, maybe with a quick tire swap, go bonkers on some sand dunes. And if anything mechanical goes wrong, they're easy to fix. All of these seem like great qualities for someone you're dating.

So how about you? What car would you have the magic horse transform into the girl/guy/whatevergenderyoulike of your dreams?