What's Faster: A New Audi S3 or a Legendary Sport Quattro?

The Audi Sport Quattro was the homologation special for that most unhinged of rally cars, the short wheelbase Group B Audi. The question is: can a new S3 beat it across a rally stage?


The test, sadly, is totally mooted by Audi itself — who are we to trust the company to fairly race its new car against its old? If the Sport Quattro was faster, would Audi tell us that? Probably not.


Particularly odd is that Audi put the legendary Stig Blomqvist in the Sport Quattro, but they put a man named Hermann Müller in the Audi S3. Müller is an editor of Audi magazine. Are you to believe that one of the greatest rally drivers of all time, in one of the finest road-going homologation specials ever made, can't beat a PR man in a new S3?

Still, it's impressive to see the lower, stiffer S3 successfully tackle a (smooth) dirt road, and it's always good to see the original Stig in a Sport Quattro, even if the result isn't something I feel like trusting.

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Maybe we should have a Sport Quattro vs. S3 time trial race with an impartial driver. If you can procure the cars, I volunteer to be that driver.