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Who Is The Best Rally Driver Of All Time?

Illustration for article titled Who Is The Best Rally Driver Of All Time?

Who has best mastered the Scandinavian flick? Who's the most audacious? Or, perhaps, we just need to know who is the best at not driving off cliffs.


Now that we've figured out who the best F1 drivers, it's time to look at that top off-road-ish motorsport, rallying. The best drivers must master not only tarmac, but also gravel, dirt, sand, and occasionally snow. Who's the tops?


There's a good chance that many of the top drivers will be Finnish, because the reality is that most of the drivers overall seem to be Finnish. But just to defy them, I will select a Swede-their archenemy-Stig Blomqvist. One can only assume by his name that he wears white suits and solves corporate murder mysteries, but one would be wrong. He has, however, driven for the Saab rally team and then won the WRC championship in an Audi Quattro, and gone on to later win the Race of Champions. Not too shabby for a guy who, some say, sucks moisture from ducks.

In your opinion, who is the best rally driver out there, living, dead, driving or otherwise? Leave your best guess in the comments and come back tomorrow to find out the verdict.

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Someone has to say it, so it may as well be me.

Sébastien Loeb.

His dominance has been uncanny. I think he is a great driver, not just a great rally driver and that if he had the chance, he would excel in an F1 car just the same.