A 72-year-old man just won the Baja 1000 in a Hummer H3 Alpha. An 81-year-old flew cross-country in his homemade P-38 replica. Being 70 is the new mid-life crisis. What will you drive when you're 70?

Since at least two of us already drive cars designed for AARP card-holders (Wojdyla's XJR and Hardigree's Volvo wagon), we see the opposite happening in 40 years. We'll be driving the latest super car: the Chery Wind of A Thousand Mountains, which of course traces it's lineage back to the great auto industry collapse of 2030, when Chery purchased both Lamborghini and Ferrari when they went out of business. It will also be the last gas-powered new car in existence, which we'll use to fend off scavengers who survived the robotpocalypse. We can't wait for the future.

Add a little silver to your foxy hair and look through your glaucoma-free eyes into the crystal ball and tell us: what will you drive when you're 70?


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