81-Year-Old Builds Replica World War II Fighter, Flies Cross-Country

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Jim O'Hara, a retired college professor, learned to fly 21 years ago. Six years later, he began construction of a two-thirds-scale P-38. He's now 81 years old and he and his wife made its maiden cross-country trip three weeks ago.

Using information he obtained from various sources about the P-38, Jim drew up a set of plans in CAD and began building the plane 15 years ago with only his wife Mitzi aiding him in the construction of the aircraft. He first flew his plane in July of last year, and has just completed flying it in its first cross-country trip.

It looks like we've now got a new member to add to the home-built hero club started by Ken Imhoff and his homemade basement Lamborghini. (Hat tip to Ilari!) [OshKosh365]