What Was The Worst Vehicle Announced In 2019?

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Whether it was the Corvette C8 or the Tesla Cybertruck, the strange Kia HabaNiro concept or the 21-screened Imagine, there’s been some really wild stuff hitting the automotive world in 2019. And some of it has been really, terribly, horribly bad. But I want to know what was the absolute worst.


The options are pretty much endless at this point. We exist in an era where we just have to keep pumping out content—whether that’s shitty tweets or shitty cars.

I’ll be totally honest... I’m not a supercar person. Like, at all. I think they are, frankly, pretty ugly. But the truly worst supercar I had the misfortune of seeing this year was the Bugatti Centodieci.

Nice portholes, Bugatti. If I wanted to spend £9 million (roughly $12 million) on something that looks like a classically-inspired seafaring vessel, I’d just get a fucking yacht and park it outside of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit. I can’t even really put it into words, but there’s just something about this car that pisses me off to no end. Looking at it makes me physically angry.

But I want to see what the good readers of Jalopnik think. What was the vehicle so truly awful that you just couldn’t let it go? Who knows, maybe your best ideas will make it into an actual, official poll where we can all decide together what was the worst!

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