Here's The Bugatti EB110-Inspired Centodieci Before You're Supposed To See It

Remember how you were complaining that Bugatti just didn’t make an expensive enough car for you, and how whatever they do make sure feels out of place if you try to take it to Radwood? Buddy, are you in luck, because official pictures have just leaked about Bugatti’s newest low-volume car, a nearly $9 million dollar beast designed to resemble Bugatti’s famous early 1990s supercar, the EB110.


It’s called the Centodieci, and Bugatti was going to show it to you tomorrow when you show up at Pebble Beach in your bathrobe and flip-flops.

For those of you who speak boot-shaped-country-talk, you may notice that Centodieci means “110,” which, of course, is a clear reference to the EB110 that this car’s design is clearly based on.

It’s a Chiron underneath the ‘90s revival costume, which picks up all the distinctive cues of the EB110 Super Sport edition: the cheese-grater holes behind the side windows, the tiny, nearly vestigial Bugatti horseshoe grille, the low air scoops at the sides, the boldly spoked wheels, and that certain vague sense of early ‘90s optimism.


Also, I bet there’s a Deee-Lite cassette jammed in the tape player I’m sure this thing has.


Of course, it’s a modern car, and as such has plenty of clues to remind you we’re living in this bold World of Tomorrow, like those angry, slitted LED headlamps, that general Stormtrooper-helmet look, and a price tag so high you could buy four original, perfect EB110s for the same stupid money, which, again, is eight million Euros, or about $8,881,980.

Of course, if you bought an original one, you’d somehow have to try and get by with 604 horsepower, instead of the 1,479 HP the Chiron’s W16 engine pumps out.


Is it even safe to merge on a highway with only 600 horsepower?

Unlike the most expensive Bugatti ever built, the ridiculous $12 million La Voiture Noir from earlier this year, of which Bugatti only made one, this time they’re going to crank out ten of these ostentatious machines that are destined to never drive more than a few hundred miles, maybe.


So, is this thing cool? I mean, I guess it at least looks striking, and the EB110s were significant cars worthy of some sort of homage, sure. But I don’t think I can ever think an $8 million car is cool, because it’s not. It’s just expensive and stupid.


We know where these 10 cars will end up: parked in air-conditioned garages as part of the collections of people with so much money they can buy and park shit like this. There’s nothing cool or interesting about that.


Spend your money however you like, wealths, but just know that you’d be so, so, so much cooler if you saved yourself a cool $7.5 million or so and bought one of these Ford RS200s or something like that.

Just let me know if you need any more financial advice.

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