What The Hell Is This Insane Mystery Car In The Background Of This BRABUS Smart Video?

We get sent videos all the time. Some are interesting, some are boring, you know the drill. We were sent this one of the 2016 Smart BRABUS ForTwo, and it seemed mildly interesting– watching a quick, stubby Smart haul ass is a good time. And then, at 41 seconds in, I SAW IT.

Watch for yourself, starting at 0:41 or so on the video. And prep your workspace for a massive shock-induced spit-take.


If it helps, yell ZOOM and ENHANCE at your screen. Yes, just like that:

Um, what the hell am I looking at? Is… is that a g-g-ghost car? It looks like someone shrink-wrapped a Jaguar XK140, kinda. But why? And how is that car being driven? All the windows are seemingly opaque! Is this some strange autonomous mule? Is BRABUS secretly developing a long-hooded, fully-wheel-skirted autonomous car that’s programmed to generate its own driving excitement independently of humans?


It sort of looks like a shrinkwrapped Batmobile from the 1989 Tim Burton movie. Sorta.

The video is from a site called mydriftfun.com, a strangely generic-seeming car site that might be completely computer-generated. I have no idea. There’s EU plates on the car and wind farms in the back, and it’s a BRABUS/Smart car so I’m going to guess this was shot in Germany.

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If anyone has any idea what this ghostly, wrapped, windowless, wheel-skirted alabaster apparition is, please let us know. I’m reaching out to BRABUS as well, and hopefully we’ll have an answer soon.

In the meantime, let’s all just try and stay strong. If anything happens to me, we’ll know it was because the Ghost Car wasn’t supposed to be seen.


(thanks for the GIF, Raph, and thanks for the video link Antony, even if you had no idea this was in here)

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That’s just light from Venus reflecting off a weather balloon into swamp gas. Nothing to see here, move along.