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Today we met a besoffener bayerischer man, who finally got his car back two years after losing it on a bender. That's pretty incredible, but we think you've done worse, er, better.


Our favorite story so far comes from Driventoinsanity, who gives us a much better cautionary tale than Mr. Mackey ever did.

I know a guy who used to do a lot of drugs and, at one time, sold drugs for a living. He drove about 100 miles to some big house party, on drugs, in a brand new Jaguar, on a bender, finding himself home two days later with a different cheaper car, a VW Jetta. As he hardly knew anyone at the house party and was probably going there to sell and was doing so many drugs at the time some 20 years ago, he still has no idea where his car went to or how he wound up with someone else's tiny car (Jettas used to be tiny). In any event, let that be a lesson to you kids, don't do drugs.

Think you can top this story? We bet you can't, but if you want to try, leave your tale in Kinja below.

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