A Drunk German Man Who Forgot Where He Parked Just Found His Car... Two Years Later

It happens to the best of us: You meet up with friends for a night of drinking, and at the end, you're too drunk to drive home.

So you take a cab home instead and grab your car the next day. Or, in this case, two years later.


In December 2010, a man in Munich, Germany went out for a night of drinking. He parked his car and went off to get sauced.

The next day when he was searching for his car, he just couldn't find it anywhere. And he was pretty sure of where he had parked, so naturally, he reported the car as stolen.


Well, the hangover just ended, because the car was just found four kilometers away from where the man thought he parked. A parking enforcement officer noticed that the registration had lapsed. The car also had more than $51,000 worth of power tools in the trunk, that somehow weren't stolen in the last two years.

But this begs the question: If the car were reported stolen, why hadn't the parking wardens noticed in the last two years that it was parked there?


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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