What Races Are You Going To This Summer?

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It’s June, which to me signals that it is officially the start of summer. I keep hearing about how all of us travel-deprived folks are going to be taking tons of trips this summer, and I want to hear about your travel plans—specifically, the race tracks you’ll be attending. Because it is time to go fast.


Now that I am fully vaccinated, I actually feel pretty good about going to watch some race cars, and after about a year away from the track, my husband and I have put together a frankly ridiculous repertoire of races to attend this summer… starting this month. Which I am now realizing is a terrifying prospect because I am not at all prepared to begin this shitshow.

Basically, we’ve approached our summer with a true “fuck it” attitude, which means our first trip is the NASCAR All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway, in part because I’m anticipating the race to be an absolute disaster for the people watching in the stands and in part because there’s racing on the dirt track nextdoor earlier in the weekend. Might as well watch some NASCAR while you’re at it.

Then we hit the road for a frankly absurd stint in Watkins Glen for two IMSA races (the 6 Hours of the Glen and the cancelled Mosport race that was moved to WGI) and the vintage racing weekend. During that time, we’re also going to be attempting to move me out of my apartment in Philadelphia, at which point I will end up ?????? somewhere in this world. We haven’t quite figured that out yet.

But, oh, we aren’t done quite yet. With the Suburban loaded full of my shit, we’re making one final stop at the Nashville Fairgrounds to see the season finale of SRX.

What the rest of the summer brings, we have not yet decided. My husband will, at some point, need to return to Canada. I have some press trips in August. I have a car in Canada that will at some point need to make its way back to Texas for its yearly registration. I am also increasingly desperate to go to an IndyCar race because it has just been far too long.

What about the rest of y’all? Tell me your plans.

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I’m going to the IndyCar race at Road America. I haven’t missed that since they started going back. This time I’m taking my family. It will be the first IndyCar race for my wife, and my 6 and 8 year old girls. Should be fun.

I’ll probably hit a dirt track or two this year as well.