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A few weeks ago, we asked you folks what discontinued car needed to make a modern day comeback. Now we're going in the opposite direction: what car deserves to never, ever see the light of day again?


Honestly, I think humanity would get along just fine if the Chrysler TC by Maserati never returned to duty. Produced between 1989 and 1991, the TC was rooted in the friendship between Lee Iacocca and then-Maserati boss Alejandro de Tomaso. Unfortunately, the product of their arrangement was essentially an overly expensive ($35,000 in late 80s dollars!) and gussied-up Chrysler LeBaron. "Unconvincing" was the operative word here.


Why bring up a TC revival now? Well, now that Fiat owns Chrysler, a new version of this ill-fated coupe is more plausible than ever. Perhaps after a night of heavy drinking and paint huffing, the Italians and Americans will decide to Maseratify a Sebring (sorry, 200C) and then sell it for 70 grand. People might even buy it, too; never underestimate the depth of bad taste.

Your turn – what car cannot be allowed to come back today?

Photo credit Hugo90.

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