When I do my "Found Around Town" stories, I like to rag on all of the Prius drivers and cyclists here in Austin. Recently however, I've also seen a ton of Fiat 500s driving around the city. That's fine by me. I think it's great to see the 500 back in action, especially in the hopped-up Abarth guise.

Seeing the plethora of Fiat 500s got me thinking: what other car discontinued car deserves a modern-day revival?


Personally, I would really love to see Toyota bring back the MR2. I'd prefer it to be as close to its original 1980s form as possible — lightweight, inexpensive mid-engined fun for everyone. Obviously, it would have to be bigger to meet current safety regulations, but if Toyota can pull off the FR-S, I think they can swing this too. If it ends up being a V6 hybrid, then thanks, but no thanks.

How about you guys? What car do you think deserves a modern version, provided the manufacturer doesn't screw it up somehow? Share your dreams in the comments below.

Photo credit Martyn @ Negaro

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