What It's Like Working at a JDM Auto Parts Importer

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The important thing to know is you’re going to be importing more than just car parts. Namely: spiders.

At east that’s the takeaway I’m getting watching this video from the wonderful JuiceboxForYou on the guy’s day job working at a JDM parts importer over in Ireland.


The shop itself is JDM Distro, which is filled with all of the usual stuff you see at a JDM importer, with stacks of wheels, spare engines, and difficult-to-source body kits. The tuner dreams of your childhood can be lived again, at a grand or two at a time.

You get to see a bit of the mundane business side of getting glitzy parts over, like shippings orders and container sheets to be checked and double checked. All wheels are checked and sent out for repairs if needed. All engines are compression tested as well.

There’s a 1JZ in there. Screenshot from video.
There’s a 1JZ in there. Screenshot from video.

What’s charming is to see a whole container getting unloaded, from finding an aforementioned stowaway spider of terrifying proportion to seeing things like a Toyota 1JZ straight six, an almost holy object of absolute lust by anyone looking for cheap, reliable, big power, packed up in a clunky cardboard box.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Holy fuck.... how much does it cost to ship all that shit overnight from Japan?

Someone must REALLY want to Own All......