Illustration for article titled What Its Like To Drive The Legendary 241 MPH Jaguar XJR-9

Wait, why is a 700 horsepower, 241 mph prototype so... easy?

That's a question explained by the extremely British car writer Chris Harris, driving this extremely British Jaguar XJR-9/XJR-12, and talking with extremely British period racing driver Andy Wallace.

Maybe it's something about the manual five-speed, maybe it's something about the huge naturally-aspirated V12 that makes this thing so straightforward to drive.


This particular car raced at Daytona back in '88, then returned and won the 24 hour race in upgraded XJR-12 spec. It was one of the last great Group C cars, making it one of the last great sports racing cars, making it one of the last great race cars, period.

This thing is going up for auction soon.


Whoever buys it is a lucky bastard.

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