A Walk Around The 241 MPH Jaguar XJR-9

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The Jaguar XJR-9, complete with its 750 horsepower stock block V12, carbon chassis, and five-speed manual transmission, was one of the greatest cars in sports car racing history. Here's a walk around the car, aided by a man who drove one.


The man is the inimitable Martin Brundle and the car is actually an IMSA-spec car that ran in America, winning the brutal 24 Hours of Daytona.

After sliding down into the cockpit, the RM Auctions presenter tells Brundle that it actually feels pretty comfortable and not very intimidating.

"Now imagine doing 200 miles an hour, at night, through the traffic and bumps of Daytona," Brundle replies.


(Hat tip to Alan!)


Taken at the 1989 24 Hours of Lemans. I was really hoping the Jaguars would win that too but the Sauber/Mercedes were too much taking the top two places and regulating the first Jaguar to 4th, 11 laps down. This race was notable for being the last Lemans ran without the chicanes on the Mulsanne straight where some of the cars were hitting 250 mph or more.