Today we learned how rally co-drivers communicate through microphones with the sack of meat that turns the steering wheel using pace notes. That system is fine, but what happens when the mic breaks?

Pyrrhic let us know.

In-car cameras on rally cars are some of the best and most entertaining motorsports videos, in my opinion. This video shows one of my favorite interactions between driver and co-driver. You can't help but feel sorry for her when her microphone breaks and she starts to yell!


Our own DustyVentures, who we've seen co-driving before, chimed in with a personal perspective.

Been there. The yelling didn't work so well. He couldn't hear me, I ended up hoarse, and had to use gestures.

So remember folks, if you're hurtling through a rally stage at a zillion miles an hour inches away from two lines of trees and you radio goes out, just scream and gesticulate wildly. It's your only hope.

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