What Happens When Air-Cooled Fan Magnus Walker Works On A Modern 911?

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You like the 997 GT2, right? Of course you do. How about one with an engine tuned by SharkWerks to produce 775 horses at the crank?

The 997 GT2 is a rare car. Based on the Turbo, only a couple of hundred were built, and talking of last breed Porsches, this is one of those for sure with its manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive setup.


SharkWerks' Alex Ross and well-known air-cooled 911 fanatic Magnus Walker both came from England, both made a career in the US and both love fast Porsches, so teaming up to create a unique German car for the canyons of California with a Union Jack on its back only seemed like the logical next step.

In case the combination of RS Orange, grey and gold with a tartan interior is not your cup of tea, just get lost in the mechanical details of this car, because it sounds amazing, and with that much power moving "only" 3,000 pounds, should be quite a handful too.

Still, if your car demands two hands on the steering wheel at all times except for when shifting, you're in for a rewarding drive. Isn't that what a 911 should be all about?

Photo credit: Jay Leno's Garage

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MK6GTI-now with added Miata

One day maybe I'll be rich enough to afford even a shitty air-cooled 911...