What Happened To America’s Next Great Compact Pickup?

We love sturdy compact pickups and we mourn that CAFE has largely killed any hope of their return. But we still want them anyway, and we still long for Mahindra.


Oh, you've never heard of Mahindra? That's not a surprise.

Mahindra is an Indian auto maker that was supposed to bring their compact pickup line to the States. Hell, PickupTrucks.com even got a test drive. That was many, many years ago. We've given up hope.

Pauljones shares our skepticism. Here's what he said about the upcoming US launch of the Tata Nano.


Would this be before or after the Mahindra truck goes on sale? The difference in this case would either never or the day after never.


This just makes us sad. Now don't remind us that we've been waiting for Alfa Romeo to come Stateside for as long as we can rememeber.

Photo Credit: Mike Levine/PickupTrucks.com

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