The 37 horsepower Tata Nano is not exactly what you would call luxurious. But as the cheapest car in the world, it is the ride that Ratan Tata envisioned would get the majority of India on the roads.

Now, Tata is looking to bring the Nano to the rest of the world... with some changes.

Tata sees a market for the Nano in America. Who would need what is basically a glorified moped? Actually, a lot of people.

People buy the Fiat 500 and Smart ForTwo because of their small size. They just aren't affordable. The Nano that would come to America will be more expensive but still under $10,000. The reason is upgraded equipment.


Ratan Tata said it would have "bells and whistles," like more power and traction control. There is no estimate on a date of when it will go on sale or how it will be sold. Tata has distribution in America from its ownership of Jaguar/Land Rover, but there are currently no plans to sell the tiny Tata through those dealers.

Photo Credit: Getty Images