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What Does It Take To Convert Ken Block’s Rally Fiesta To 600 Horsepower Rallycross Spec?

On Sunday, Ken block is celebrating victory at the Olympus Rally. On Friday he's practicing for Global Rallycross in Las Vegas, and he's got a few hundred extra horses to play with. How did it all happen?


All the parts of the Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle come out, but when they go back in, the radiator is in the back, there's a huge new turbo on the engine, and co-driver Alex Gelsomino's seat is left in the garage. You can read the full laundry list of changes in the YouTube description.


Be sure to watch the video, though. It's not just the number of changes; it's how quickly the crew works to get the car changed. Not as fast as those 3-minute Ford rebuilders, but impressive nonetheless.

(Hat tip to Matt!)

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That was pretty awesome, but with so many changes why don't they just have two different cars?