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Does it take you more than three minutes to, say, change your oil? Really? You must be doing something very wrong, because these six New Zealanders assembled a working, driving Ford Model T in under three minutes.

It looks like it's a Model T pickup, and the competition was part of the Early Times Transport and Machinery Show, which sounds amazing. One of the six members of the team owned the Model T, which has been disassembled and reassembled at least four times prior to the record setting 2 minutes and 40 seconds run.


It's also worth noting that the Guinness record for removing and replacing a VW Beetle engine is held by an Australian team. Which leads one to wonder what the hell the big rush is with auto repair in the Southern Hemisphere?

Is this some byproduct of the Coriolis Effect? Doesn't anyone down under just relax and slowly tinker with their cars? The racing's for when it's together, guys. Jeez.

It's still pretty remarkable. I wonder if this is how Holdens are made.

(Thanks, Nick Bowyer!)

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