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Our more astute readers may have noticed this interesting fact already: chess pieces and Hot Wheels (or Matchbox, or similar) cars are both small, solid objects that can be held easily in one hand. I’ve confirmed this with a double-blind study. This fact leads to one question: what cars would be what chess pieces?


This is a trickier question that you might initially suspect; you need cars that are visually distinct, yet manage to convey just enough of the character of the chess piece to make sense in its role.

Here’s a quick example set:

Pawns: Original 1968 Hot Wheels Custom Beetle

Rook: Jeep CJ-7

Knight: Toyota 2000 GT

Bishop: Cockney Cab II

Queen: Citroën SM (Matchbox)

King: Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud (1958)

Something like that. But you’ll do better. So let’s see what you come up with!

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