What car made you love cars?

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The path into the world of automotive obsession is usually a long and strange one. Often it is an infatuation with one particular car that pushes us towards a lifelong love of most things automotive. It could be a car you spent time around growing up, the first or fourth car of your own or perhaps even a car you saw only in magazines or on TV. Whatever it might be, chances are you remember it. What car made you love cars?


The car that made me love cars is the 1958 Plymouth Fury from Christine. Most children's reaction to seeing a movie about a killer car would not be a strong desire to someday own one, but I wasn't most children. I'm not sure what it was about a murderous finned Plymouth that affected me so deeply, but it pushed me down the path of automotive obsession and inspired a serious love/hate relationship with 57-59 Plymouths that continues to this day.


Alright, folks. Name this car.