What Car Has The Most Infuriating Interior?

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If you’re doing it properly, the interior of your car is likely where you’ll spend most of your time, unless you’re, you know, TJ Hooker or something. That means the interior and the car’s controls are wildly important, so when they drive you batshit, it’s a big deal. With that in mind, car has the most infuriating interior?


For me, I think that honor would have to go to a car I absolutely loved in all other respects: the Lotus Evora S. It was one of my favorite cars I drove last year, and I have nothing but respect for a mid-engine car that manages to have any sort of back seat, but that car’s interior was a study in crazy-making.

It had massive sills that were always a pain to traverse just to get in the car, the control switches required the use of the Rosetta Stone just to know what the hell they were for, and Lotus somehow managed to ignore a centuries-old lesson about the basics of finger grip to produce the Most Frustratingly Slippery Knob known to mankind.

Of course, being a Lotus, you could ignore all this crap and just delight in driving the car. But an Evora without an engine could easily be used as a torture chamber for ergonomics and UX experts.

So, let’s hear from you — what’s awful? Touch screens for everything? Haptic buttons? Black-on-black control labels? Tell us!



The MBs with the stalk transmission selector, their lack of adherence to the P-R-N-D standard is so infuriating that it may have been responsible for deaths