What Car Deserves A Restomod?

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It's a fact of life that everything gets old. That sandwich sitting in your fridge from last week, your body, your car. Even the way you remember them gets a bit stale. That sandwich was delicious. Your body was good-looking. Your old Porsche was fast. But the truth is, it wasn't always like that.


A lot of the time when we remember something, we remember it how we want to remember it. A 1972 Porsche 911 is probably not any faster than a standard Impreza WRX is today, but we remember it being so much faster, so much more impressive. Luckily, Singer wants us to re-live our glory days the way we want to remember them, and brings those older Porsches up to speed.


But what if you don't like old Porsches? What if you think they're only for maniacs, for people who want to go backwards through the pearly gates because someone put the engine in the wrong spot? What if you want something else both restored to its former glory in body and spirit?

What other car deserves a restomod?

And while you're working on that, try to remember that starting this weekend, we're playing for keeps. The people have spoken, and I have heard their plea. The people demanded answers, and answers they shall have. Starting next weekend, I'll do an "Answers of Last Weekend"-type thing. It should allow people to submit answers into Sunday, when many are still pouring in, and should allow me the proper time to pick out the best suggestions.

Good luck!

H/T to artemlebid and Bfilleti!

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Jaguar XJ (anything between 1968 and 1994). That would be awesome :)

There are too many Jaaaaaag purists who think they should be restored faithfully or left alone. I say bring on the race suspension, huge brakes, crazy engine swaps, and all that stuff!!! An LS-swapped Jaaaaaaag would be amazing hahaha.