What Are Your Favorite Wheels On A Production Car?

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Photo: Lancia

Wheels make the car, we all know this. They can totally transform a car’s appearance — even a boring or forgettable one. When I owned a Dodge Dart a few years back, I picked up a set of black Sparco Assetto Garas (as everyone does, because they’re cheap) and fell in love with the look. I bent one of the corners striking a pothole after just two weeks though, so I haven’t worked up the confidence to buy another set of cool aftermarket wheels since. Oh well.


Of course, everyone has their favorite aftermarket wheel designs, but asking for those is too easy. In an effort to focus things and make us all think a bit, I want to know what your favorite wheels on a production car are.

Right now, this one is hard for me to answer, as it’s still kind of early in the morning at the time I’m writing this and I woke up with an achy neck and can’t think straight. So I’m just going to go with the first one that’s coming to mind, which are the funky rotary-dial wheels on earlier Lancia Delta HF 4WD and Integrale models. I know the 18-spoke design is typically the one associated with this car, and it looks great. But there’s something about the combination of the marks on the outer rim, with the repeating circular holes and the two-tone silver-and-gray of the example above that catches my eye. These should make a comeback.

With that out of the way, what are your favorite wheels ever to roll out of the factory?

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