What Are the Dumbest Automotive Accessories You’ve Seen?

From fluffy dice to folding tents, you can add a lot of handy accessories to your car. But, what are the dumbest?

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A photo of mini boxing gloves hanging from a rear view mirror.
What are the dumbest car accessories you can waste your money on?
Photo: Sascha Schuermann / Stringer (Getty Images)

When you buy a car, it’s your duty to personalize it and make it your own. It might be an update to the interior, some decals to spruce up the design or you might want to install a handy gadget that increases the in-car experience. Whatever you choose, there are a host of innovative accessories to help you out.

But, what car accessories aren’t worth anyone’s money? What are the automotive accessories that are so dumb, they make you question the fool that came up with them?


That’s exactly what we’re on the lookout for today. Maybe you’ve seen some ridiculous add-ons while driving the streets, or perhaps you saw some stupid interior-accessories in a parts store. Whatever you’ve spotted and wherever you’ve seen it, we want to know.

Perhaps you always hated those stick on eyelashes people put round the headlamps of their car – usually a Volkswagen Beetle. Or, maybe, you never liked the idea of charms hanging from the rear view mirror.


You could, instead, take offense to any additional in-car gadgets. Meaning that for some strange reason you (wrongly) think that an in-car coffee maker isn’t the route to driving joy.

And then there are the stick-on exterior accessories. What about a fake hood scoop? That’s a pretty dumb look, as is the addition of bullet hole stickers to literally anything in life.


It’s safe to say, there are quite a few options out there for dumb automotive accessories.

So, what are your top picks for the worst ways to accessorize your car? Let us know your picks for the dumbest automotive accessories you’ve seen in the comments section below. We’ll round up some of the worst offenders later on today.